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Rockies Climbing Frame

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Rockies Climbing Frame

Specification Summary 

  • 7ft Wave Slide
  • Wooden Climber
  • 5ft rock wall
  • 5ft cargo net
  • Swing module with (2 swings of your choice)
  • 1x corner support bracket (4x O’hooks)
  • All pressure treated 3” x 3” timber
  • Telescope and Steering Wheel
  • 4.2m x 2.4m and in 7ft in height approx
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Premium Upgrade Choices
Our all new The Rockies: Boasts maximum play in minimal space. Countless hours of fun for the kids!
Fun for all ages. And huge range of extra that can be added. It has increased massively in popularity and continues to be a hit.
Installation Service
Our professional installation service is only available in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Our experienced team of joiners will ensure that your swing set is built and installed to the highest standards.Before you purchase one of our DIY climbing frame kits please visit our installation instructions page or watch our construction videos to determine if you have the necessary DIY skills. We highly recommend that all of our products are installed by a skilled tradesman. Unfortunately we cannot be responsible for issues caused by poor installation.
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