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Rubber Tiles

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Rubber Tiles


  • Please note price above is per sqm and includes installation.
  • These Mats come in 2 colors Red and Green. (other colours can be avalaible)
  • They are 0.5m x 0.5m at 30mm deep.
  • This is appropriate for commercial grade playgrounds and equipment and complies to BS EN1176.
  • Extremely Durable and high quality, with exceptionally long lasting quality.
  • Brilliant for children, with its spongy surface and excellent fall height capabilities.
  • Please note price above is per sqm and includes installation, these would ideally be glued onto a hardcore surface
  • Any ground prep prior to the area will not be included in the price, please feel free to contact us with regard to this+ excludes boarders, unless otherwise stated 
  • Depending on the moisture in your area greenary may occur, regular raking and maintaince will prevent this occuring
  • Safety surfaces should help with drainage issues typically, however is poor drainage is already in your area, surfacing will not fix this.

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