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Custom Outdoor Garden Room

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Custom Outdoor Garden Room
    Please note these can all be customised, this includes size, door style and materials that are used!- Just ask for your own custom style
    • Heavy Duty Tongue & Groove Floor and Runners
      • 19mm treated tongue and groove exterior, can be a stained extierior
      • 12mm tongue and groove interior (white in colour)
      • Complete with overhanging 1.5ft roof
      • Decked step upto the house 1ft long
      • Complete with wool insulation and cladding interior
      • Complete with double glazed windows(400x 1800mm- standard sizes) Specific sizes can be designed
      • Complete with double glazed glass in door units (352mm x1800mm)
      • 12mm Chipboard Floor 
      • Torched Felt on the roof
      • Side window is: 1.2m x 0.6m as standard (these does not open)
      • 11ft x 11ft as a standard. Custom sizes can be made
      • Installation Included

    Only the best quality of timber and tradesmanship goes into this.

    All outdoor offices and playrooms are completey handmade and custom made to suit everyone.

    They can be made in any style or theme and glass of your choosing will be used.

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